HardimanWebServices delivers a full suite of services to get your website on the internet.  From domain registration to content management, we can provide the services that you require to make a statement on the web.

No matter what your experience or knowledge concerning the creation of websites, we will work together to create a well-designed, professional website that reflects your personal tastes and is perfect for your needs.


The domain name is your unique address on the World Wide Web. This is how people find you.  For instance, the domain name for HardimanWebServices is  The domain name belongs to you.  In many cases, our clients request us to manage, update, transfer or change their registration information for them.

Web Hosting

All websites need to be hosted on a computer that is connected to the web and designed to host sites.  Our sites are hosted on a system that is fast, reliable and secure.  We look after the entire process of getting your site hosted on the web.  If you prefer, once a site is designed you can decide to host it elsewhere.

Website Development

Website development is the process of programming your site to function on the internet. The sites that we design are responsive which means that they will function smoothly with great aesthetics on all types of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We build in SEO (search engine optimization) so that people can find you when they search the web (Google).  Perhaps you already have a website and want help with an existing site.


This is the behind the scenes, ongoing work that is required to make sure that your site functions smoothly.  It includes updating software, troubleshooting and debugging, protecting your site from spam, backing up your data, ensuring that your data is secure and stays that way etc – basically everything that we must do to ensure that your site stays up and functions properly without your intervention or worry.

Content Management

This involves adding new galleries, changing the photos in current galleries, adding products to your store, creating blog posts with your content.   For a small site (like this one), this can be done as part of the cost of annual maintenance.

Website Redesign

If at sometime in the future you decide that you want a new look and feel or wish to add other elements – no problem. This could involve a complete redesign or perhaps just a tweak to the colour and layout.


We have simple pricing and you will know your price before we start

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