Many of our services are priced at a flat rate.  For example, the cost of domains and the cost of hosting does not vary by website.  Where there are differences, it is based on the complexity of the site.  Before we start the design, you will know your price.


We will meet with you to discuss your requirements and discover what is required to build a site for you. If face to face is not possible, we can do this electronically.


The domain name is required to give you a unique address on the World Wide Web.  To register a .com or .ca we charge a flat fee to register the domain and have it forwarded to your website.  The domain registration costs will be billed each year.  I will register the domain and you own it.  In other words, I will register the domain but have no rights to the domain – it belongs to you.  I will transfer the domain to a registration service of your choice at any time if you decide to take over responsibility for managing the domain.  If you would prefer to bring your own domain, I can look after forwarding it to your new website.
Register or Forward a Domain – $50.00 – one time fee
Domain Cost – $15.00 / year
Price is guaranteed for the second year.
Transfer your domain to a new registrar – depends on transfer costs


Your website will be hosted on fast, reliable and secure servers.  In fact, you can expect to be up and running over 99% of the time.  If you prefer to have your site hosted elsewhere, you will not be charged for hosting and you will have to make your own arrangements to have the website uploaded (we will provide the code) and configured on the hosting service or servers that you have chosen.
Hosting – $150.00 / year
Price will be guaranteed for the second year


Software must be purchased to program and run the website. Possible upgrade fees may apply in the future – ordinarily 10% – 25% of the initial cost of software per year. If you have special requirements that are not normally provided they will be priced in before a contract is signed.

We also sell and install SSL certificates if you with to have a secure site (HTTPS)

Additionally, we sell upgraded protection on your site to prevent them from being hacked.  We will install free protection that is updated monthly, but, the upgraded security is is updated in real time as threats are discovered.

Software – $80 – $150 depending on the site
Upgrades – 10% – 25% of initial software costs
Special Request – Depends on the cost of the software
Install SSL certificates if you wish to run a secure site (HTTPS) – $150 annually
Security against hackers and other intrusions – Basic – free, Real-Time (recommended) $150 annually.


Website development is the process of programming your site to function on the internet.  The cost depends on what you are looking for in a site. The sites that we design are responsive which means that they will function smoothly with great aesthetics on all types of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.  Responsive websites are more complex than desktop only sites but ensure that tablet and smartphone users enjoy their experience and return. We build in SEO (search engine optimization) into the structure of the site that aids in people finding you when they search the web (Google). Additionally, if you want better search engine results, we can add data to your pages that will improve your SEO and make it more likely that you will be listed in the first page of a search.

The price for this depends on complexity and the number of pages.  We charge a flat rate to set up the site and then by the page. We work in 10 page increments for the first 10 and 20 page sites, after that we charge by the page.  A typical site like this one has between 10 and 20 pages.
If you wish to have a store with online payments set up, we charge a separate price for this service due to the work involved. If you wish to run a forum, we charge separately for setting that up as well.

We charge separately for the transfer of information from an existing site or large amounts of information provided in other forms to your new site. This includes large numbers of Blog articles, items from download pages, the creation of large galleries, transfer of FAQs, etc. We bill this by the hour but we will establish a price before the work begins.

Having secure sites (HTTPS) is more important than ever. In fact, google ranks secure sites higher than normal HTTP sites. We can set-up either type of site. If you want to transition a site from HTTP to HTTPS, we can do that as well. If we are building a site from scratch, the development of a secure site is no more expensive than a normal (HTTP) site with the exception of the SSL certificate.

Site set-up – $150.00
First 10 pages (10 page site) – $250.00
Next 10 pages (20 page site) – $250.00
Additional pages before website launch – $25.00 per page

Transfer of information from a former site or a large amount of data such as Blogs, downloads, large galleries and FAQs – $45.00/hour with the price being established before the work commences.

The structure of the site will be optimized for SEO. If you wish additional data added to your site to improve your SEO (this includes adding text to all of your photos for example), we charge a flat rate of $5.00 per page

After website launch – $45.00 per page

Store set-up – $150.00
Adding Products – depends on the complexity of the store, however, we charge about $4.50 per product

Forum set-up – $100.00

Change a site from HTTP to HTTPS- $150 – $300 depending on the size of the site and the work involved.  This does not include the SSL certificate.  The cost of the certificate is found in the Software section found above.


This is the behind the scenes, ongoing work that is required to make sure that your site functions smoothly.  It includes updating software, troubleshooting and debugging, protecting you from getting spam, site security, backing up your data, etc – basically everything that I must do to ensure that your site stays up and functions properly without your intervention or worry. Depending on complexity, I typically spend from 5 – 8 hours a month keeping a website maintained.
If you decide to do this on your own then of course there is no cost.  However, if you need to be trained to do this and wish us to provide that training, we charge by the hour.
Annual Maintenance – $500.00.
Store Maintenance – $150.00.

Price is guaranteed for the second year.

Maintenance training or maintenance that is requested without an annual maintenance contract – $45.00 / hour.

Content Management

This involves adding new galleries, changing the photos in current galleries and adding text such as blog articles or adding products to your store (if you are paying for maintaining a store). If we are managing your site, this is included in the cost.
If we are not managing your site, we charge by the hour.
Content Management

If we maintain site – Free
If we do not maintain the site – $45.00 / hour
Content Management training if requested – $45.00 / hour.


If at sometime in the future you decide that you want a new look and feel or wish to add other elements, we can do that for you. It should not cost any more than the initial design unless it is very complex.
If you wish us to redesign an existing site, then the costs would be the same as the initial design costs.
Change look and feel – colour, fonts etc – $100.00
Redesign existing pages – $25.00 / page
Add pages – $45.00 / page
Redesign existing site – check the prices for development found above.

Pricing Examples

Design Only

$550 - $1100

  • Discovery
  • Development
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Software
  • Maintenance
  • Content Management
  • Store
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Design & Host

$750 - $1000

  • Discovery
  • Development
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Software
  • Maintenance
  • Content Management
  • Store
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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to Contact Us!